Aviator Hat
aviator hat crochet baby free pattern

Video Tutorial

Pattern for a 2 year old child

Round 1: 12 double crochet magic ring
Round  2: 1 increase around
Round 3: *1 double crochet, 1 increase* Repeat around 
Round 4: *2 double crochet, 1 increase* Repeat around 
Round 5: *3 double crochet, 1 increase* Repeat around 
Round 6: *4 double crochet, 1 increase* Repeat around
Rounds 7-15: 1 double crochet around
Place markers to separate the earwarmers (1/4 of the hat per earwarmer)
Rows 16-19: 1 double crochet on the space of the earwarmer
Rows 20-21: 1 decrease, double crochet in the middle, 1 decrease
Change the yarn and make 1 single crochet around the hat to make the decoration
In the front part of the hat, make 12 rows making 1 single crochet around to make the visor
Sew the visor on the hat and sew the buttons

To addapt the size, make as many rows as you need increasing to have the widht of the hat. Continue making as many rows without increases to have the lenght of the hat. Make the earwarmers as we explained before. Make more nows on the earwarmer if it is needed

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