Amigurumi Lessons

Welcome to the free amigurumis lessons of Lanas y Ovillos!!

During these lessons you will learn how to make that funny crocheted toys from zero, and slowly, increase the difficulty of the patterns

Before starting, you have to know one thing. It is important to use a crochet hook with a smaller size than the yarn, to avoid the holes between the stitches, and the wadding will not be visible

What stitches do I have to know?

The most used stitch is the single crochet. Here you can see a video tutorial and learn how to make and practise it

How do I start the toy without a hole in the middle?

The best way to start an amigurumi is using the magic ring. It lets you start without a hole in the central part, and it make it look better and pressed. Here you have a tutorial where we show how to make it. At the beginning it is a little bit diffucult, but don’t worry! With a little practise you will make it very fast!

¿Can I start now?

Before starting, you have to know clearly how to increase and decrease stitches. In this video we show how to increase stitches and two ways to decrease to make the shape of the amigurumi 

The amigurumis are usually crocheted making a spiral, here you can see a tutorial

A good way to practise all that you have learned is making a ball. The ball is the most basic shape to make an amigurumi. You can practise the magic ring, increases and decreases

Once the amigurumi is done, how can I close the hole?

Watch this tutorial, we show different ways to fasten off once we have made all the rounds

We also recommend to you to watch this videos where we show how to join and sew the pieces, and you will know how to finish and complete the amigurumi

We also share a video where we explain how to change the size of the amigurumis






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