Tunisian Crochet Lessons

Welcome to the tunisian crochet basic lessons of Lanas y Ovillos!

Here you will learn the basic technique and other concepts like increase, decrease, etc. And some projects to practise

Start with the basics

What is de difference between a tunisian crochet and a normal crochet?

The tunisian crochet is a longer hook, to place the stitches on it and leave them there. There are two kinds of hooks, one has a lock at the end of the hook, and the others have double hook

I have my needle, How can I start?

In the next video you can see how to work with the hook, cast on and the basic technique Tunisian

Once you know the basic technique, we show you how to bind off

And to make more elaborated things, how can I increase and decrease stitches?

How can I change the colours?

One of the most used stitches is the stockinette stitch, that is very similar to the knitting stockinette stitch Here you can see how to do it
Here you can see how to do it






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